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Colorado RV Parks: The RV parks in Colorado You Want to Visit!

RV parks in Colorado are scattered primarily in the mountainous western two-thirds of the state, although some do serve travelers on the main east-west routes through the flatter eastern third. Many Colorado RV parks show the sophistication that marks RV parks throughout the West, where RVing is a way of life.

My wife and I crossed Colorado north to south during a 30,000-mile road trip that had begun the year before at our home in the Pacific Northwest. Colorado offers enough to see and do that a person could spend an entire summer here (not to mention winter, just bring your skis) and never run out of things to enjoy. Unfortunately, in our case we were bound from South Dakota to New Mexico, summer was well advanced, and we were running out of time to poke around.

Our trip is recounted in my book, In Search of America’s Heartbeat: Twelve Months on the Road. We promised ourselves, however, that we would return to Colorado as soon as possible and soak up the experiences that we missed on this time through. The Colorado RV park where we stayed on our run south was:


If you’re considering exploring Colorado RV parks, you likely will focus your search on the part of the state west of where we traveled. If you know of any RV parks in Colorado that I should list on this page, e-mail me at

To read a great book about life on the road, including my travels through some of the great RV parks in states near Colorado, grab your copy of In Search of America’s Heartbeat: Twelve Months on the Road.