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Florida RV Parks: The RV parks in Florida You Want to Visit!

RV parks in Florida, at their most elaborate, are the East Coast’s answer to the lavishness of the top-of-the-line RV parks you can find in California, Arizona and Texas. Overall, it’s a relatively subdued answer, but my wife and I found a few RV parks in Florida that offered some amenities we hadn’t seen since the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas, such as ballroom dancing and restaurant meals.

Karen and I spent more than two and one-half months in Florida RV parks, waiting for spring so we could follow it north up the East Coast. This was part of a 30,000-mile adventure that we undertook in search of our country and ourselves. The trip is recounted in my book, In Search of America’s Heartbeat: Twelve Months on the Road.

For reasons I can’t explain -- probably the bad press Florida often gets in the national media -- neither of us expected to like the state. We were there only to enjoy its warm temperatures, we thought. To our surprise and delight, Florida turned out to be a fascinating place of many unspoiled beaches, swaying palms and lovely green seas. Fishing was good, people were open and friendly, restaurant food often was outstanding. The people we met, mostly “Northerners” in Florida’s south and “Southerners” in Florida’s north, made a fascinating mix, not to mention the nearly overwhelming Latino influence on Florida’s southeast coast. We found in Florida everything from Cuban-style food and drink in oceanside bistros to bluegrass festivals and fundamentalist revival meetings in hayfields in the interior portions of the state.

We camped in several parts of this intriguing state, to learn as much about it as we could, and left our RV behind temporarily to travel to Miami and the Florida Keys so we could experience those areas as well.

The Florida RV parks where we stayed as we explored were:


If you’re considering exploring any Florida RV parks, I hope you’ve found these descriptions helpful. If you know of any other RV parks in Florida that I shold add to this list, e-mail me at

To read a great book about life on the road, including my travels through some of the great RV parks in Florida and neighboring states, grab your copy of In Search of America’s Heartbeat: Twelve Months on the Road.