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Indiana RV Parks: The RV parks in Indiana You Want to Visit!

RV Parks in Indiana, like those in neighboring Ohio, are spread out pretty evenly across the state, and do not cluster together in resort areas or vacation areas as they tend to do in some other states. In general, Indiana RV parks are sufficiently widespread that no matter what part of Indiana you intend to visit you’ll be able to find a suitable RV park conveniently located.

Our experience with Indiana RV parks is limited, because my wife and I overnighted in only one RV park in Indiana as we rolled west across the southern part of that state. Our visit was part of a 30,000-mile adventure we had begun the year before from our home in the Pacific Northwest. We had set out with a fifth-wheel trailer behind our Dodge diesel pickup on a road trip that took us in search of our country and of ourselves, determined to poke into every corner of the country and into as many secret places as we could find along the way. The trip is recounted in my book, In Search of America’s Heartbeat: Twelve Months on the Road.

Here’s an excerpt from the book that describes a bit of Indiana that we hadn’t anticipated:

“Southern Indiana is a surprise. We’re rolling west across the southern end of the state, making for the Illinois line, when suddenly we find ourselves in the Hoosier National Forest. We didn’t know that Indiana had a national forest, but here it is. The trees are mostly deciduous, unlike those in the forests back home, and the hills are gentle here, also unlike home. But it’s pleasant and pretty, and we’d like to poke around here for a while if we had more time. Southern Indiana not only undulates, but Interstate 64 winds as it crosses the state, making a pleasant ride. Much more interesting than the flat, northern end of the state. Plus, the road here is toll-free.”

The Indiana RV park where Karen and I stayed was located in Clarksville, just across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY. It was called:

Add-More Campground. This was an attractive, pleasant and tree-shaded park that provided paved and graveled interior roads, 75 graveled sites for travelers, 40 of them pull-throughs, all with full hookups. It provided a laundry room, a recreation hall and fishing in an RV park pond.

If you’re considering exploring any Indiana RV parks, I hope you’ve found these observations helpful. If you know of any other RV parks in Indiana that I should add to this list, e-mail me at

To read a great book about life on the road, including my travels through some of the great RV parks of the Midwest, grab your copy of In Search of America’s Heartbeat: Twelve Months on the Road.