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Missouri RV Parks: The RV parks in Missouri You Want to Visit!

Many RV parks in Missouri are more elaborate than the majority of those found in some states farther east. That may be because of Missouri’s status as a vacation destination, particularly its Ozark Mountains region, and especially because of the numerous Missouri RV parks built in recent years around the country music mecca of Branson, just a few miles north of the Arkansas line.

My wife and I rolled across Missouri with our fifth-wheel trailer hitched to our diesel truck as part of a 30,000-mile road trip we had begun the year before from our home in the Pacific Northwest. We had hit the road on a journey of discovery, in search of America and of ourselves. What we found is recounted in my book, In Search of America’s Heartbeat: Twelve Months on the Road.

The Missouri RV park where Karen and I stayed was:

The Campus RV Park in Independence. It provided paved interior roads, 30 paved sites with patios, all with full hookups. It also provided wireless Internet access, cable TV and laundry room.  This RV park was convenient to all the attractions of Kansas City as well as those in Independence, which is home of the Truman Presidential Museum & Library as well as Harry Truman’s former home, which is open to the public.

There are lots of things to see in this neck of the woods besides Truman memorabilia. One afternoon found me standing in the town square of Liberty, MO, a Kansas City suburb just a few miles north of Independence. What follows is an excerpt from my book that gives the reader an introduction to Liberty:

“Diagonally across the street sits a little brick building known as the Jesse James Bank Museum. It used to be called the Clay County Savings Association. But that was before Jesse discovered it; before it became site of the nation’s ‘first successful daylight bank robbery during peacetime.’
“You can go inside the bank and see pretty much how it looked when the robbers struck at 2 p.m. on the day before Valentine’s Day, 1866. Here’s the wood-burning stove where they warmed their hands after entering the bank that snowy afternoon. And here’s the counter that they leaped across to gain access to the vault.
“An interesting thing about the vault. The safe it contains stood on the site before the vault was built. The vault was built around the safe, and the entry was purposely made so small the safe couldn’t be removed. Such a good idea. The safe’s still there today, in fact. Unfortunately, the money in it wasn’t as secure, and it went out the door that February afternoon.”

If you’re considering exploring any Missouri RV parks, I hope you’ve found these observations helpful. If you know of any other RV parks in Missouri that I should add to this list, e-mail me at

To read a great book about life on the road, including my travels through some of the great RV parks in the Midwest and the West, grab your copy of In Search of America’s Heartbeat: Twelve Months on the Road.